​​Your Body is really your Temple.

Your physique says more about you than your words. I believe in the power of movement to transform our lives. ​

Through a mindful ​and dynamic movement practice ​like Yoga, the body releases hidden tension and consequently relaxes the mind. ​A calm mind equals power: the power to focus on the things that really matter to you. 

​Everything starts inside your Temple...

​​​About Paula

​Paula Francisco's is in a Mission to inspire and help You to reclaim your natural state of Well Being, so you can live a life of Joy and Purpose.

​In the last ​decade,  ​she has shared with hundreds of students from all over the world ​effective exercises and techniques helping them become physically stronger and emotionally more resilient. ​Like a lighthouse over the sea, sometimes you just need a little ray of light to help show you the way.

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 May 2020


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​So you can be at Your Best, no matter what!

Shine from the inside out!

How to have more time for your Body and Soul with easy and simple steps, so you never feel guilty again!