October 19

Natural Mothering




During the Summer vacation many things have happened…Interestingly and excitingly I found out that I am pregnant.

I am 20 weeks pregnant now. Since then, all my energy has flown to this new life that is growing inside of me and on my five years old son, Tomas.

Being pregnant was not the only change in my life, yet it is for sure the most important one. Since I had my first son I have grown a lot as a person and as human being. I am not the same person that I used to be.

I have been focusing on this experience that maternity has landed me on. I found out that if I let myself go with it, without any pre-conceived ideas, my journey becomes amazing, however sometimes scary.

I have realised that I grow stronger and faster as a human being when I approach maternity as close to Mother Nature as possible. I don’t get too attached to very technical books and information. They can be helpful sometimes, but mainly I like to observe how Mother Nature unfolds.

Especially I like to observe how mammals take care of their cubs. These are the animals closer to human nature and I like to imitate them as I think they have an innate intelligence to raise their cubs. The following are some of the most interesting things I have observed about them:

  • They take full responsibility for the birth of their babies. They give birth naturally;
  • They breastfeed;
  • They co-sleep. They can never put their cub sleeping away from them;
  • The mother takes care of them primarily until they are older and start to go on their own;
  • They allow their cubes to learn naturally by example. They never teach them anything; mammals cubs learn by watching their parents’ ways and behavior and imitate them;
  • They never punish their cubs;
  • They accept them as they are;
  • They trust Mother Nature.

When I look at these facts and compare with what we do with our own children I can hardly think of human beings as developed specie. How life and this world would be if we lead our lives by these examples.

We have been raised with certain kind of beliefs and mind sets that don’t allow us to act feeling the pure love coming deep from our hearts.

Through my learning experience, being guided by heart and being vulnerable has been the most amazing thing I have been going through in my life regarding maternity.

I have learned that I should be a new human being everyday without any pre-conceived ideas from the past. I allow myself to be a white page so that the Universe will write what is best for me and my child on that day. However this is not always easy.

I need to be strong enough to follow my heart and, at the same time, accept and respect that others might not always understand me.

This is part of the journey and that is when Yoga can help. When you practice Yoga, you know yourself better. You start to be aware of your strengths and your weaknesses.

You are able to know that your weaknesses when well integrated with love and intelligence can be your most powerful strengths.

Yoga teaches you to believe in yourself and at the same time to be kind and respectful to others. As you get the courage to be “more” yourself it becomes harder, but the rewards are astounding!

Get attached to your Yoga practice, Know your weaknesses and your strengths. Breath in the difficulties and especially BELIEVE. Yes, it is possible!


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  • Hello My dear Paula, I am really happy for you and the family, congratulations! I loved your every word you wrote up there! Kisses! Grether!


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