September 6

Being the best in the world


Have you ever wanted to be the best in the world at what you do?

It would be amazing, right? But what kind of feelings does this question bring to you?

To me, it brings pressure, tension and, anxiety.

I never wanted to be the best Yoga teacher in the world, but there were days when I thought my duty was to work towards it… However, deep down, I thought I was not good enough. There are already so many amazing teachers out there. So I gave up on that.

Instead, I decided to be more resourceful and more knowledgeable. I wanted to better help my students to improve their lives.

I started studying more and even went back to Yoga school. And, although I loved the experience and felt enriched, I still felt an emptiness, a lack in my heart.

Until one day, during this summer holiday I’ve realized something I hadn’t before:

By trying to constantly improve myself, I was actuality killing my curiosity and shutting down my infinite possibilities as a Human Being.

The study and practice of Yoga have been great inner growth tools for me, but it’s not all.

Through the years I’ve been also dedicated to learning Holistic Health, Energy Healing, practice Intuitive readings and Vedic Art.

Many friends, some neighbors and family members come to me for personal help.

These tools have also been a blessing that I use to enrich my Yoga classes and workshops.

When I had that realization, I’ve decided to relax and follow my curiosity. I grabbed an old book from my bookshelf ( I was in my home in Portugal) and started re-reading it. The book was: Feng Shui Simplified by Clear Englebert. I've enjoyed it so much that I've decided to dedicate my whole holiday to learn Feng Shui more deeply, and I still am.

In case you don’t know, Feng Shui means “wind and water”. It is originated from China and it is used to manipulate Energy ​in your environment to bring harmony and balance to your life regarding Success, Health, Relationships and, Wisdom.

By using Feng Shui principles you can:

  • be more successful in your career
  • improve your health
  • improve your relationship with your partner  (or find a good one if you are single)
  • live more wisely.

I’ve been applying everything I am learning to my Home and can’t wait to experience the results. I’ve been feeling already the shift of energy and I am so excited!

That’s the feeling you want to have: a great joy for your life. And that fire can be lighted up by following your curiosity.

With this all, I want to inspire you to aspire not to be the best in the world at what you do, but  to

Be the best you can at what you do


Follow your curiosity. You never know where it will lead you.

Deciding to be the best at something can actually be very limiting.

When you follow your curiosity you are expanding the infinite possibilities life has for you.

Does this message resonate with you? Let me know what you think in the comments bellow.

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