March 5

Blossom from within


We have arrived at Spring! Now it is the time for change and every moment is a self-discovering moment.

Sometimes, I realise that I don’t know as much about myself as I think and that I need to go deeper looking for answers.

What is it in me that makes me want to be appreciated by others? Why do I have that need? How many times have I asked myself “Why am I doing this?  Is it worth doing it? Where is it going to take me? What do I want to achieve?.”



I don’t have it exactly clear in my mind. I know it is greater than what my mind can imagine. If, at least I could see it. Is that possible? Maybe it isn’t.

I can look back , “join the dots” and understand part of my story, but not all of it. Maybe it is still not the time. I know that what I want doesn’t exist and that is why it is so difficult for me to imagine it.

It is MY self-discovery journey. It is something that only inside of me exists. I am creating it. It is unique. It is new and it’s starting to blossom. It’s my gift to the Universe.

Yoga is a tool on your journey to self-discovery. This season is the perfect time for cleansing and renewing your body, for growth and inner transformation. It’s the season of energy and vitality. What is lying dormant within you is ready to spring forth and blossom.

Observe the Yoga pose shown in the picture above and practice it daily for a few moments. It is a forward bend with legs crossed and arms up (check notes for easier versions). Use this asana for pausing, for going deeper and listening to what is being called forth within you on this self-discovery journey of yours. This season make your yoga practice a commitment and blossom from within. :))

I wish Free Move Yoga brings more joy, wisdom and fun to your life.

Have a “Yogatastic” Spring!

Love and Light,


Notes for an easier version of the pose presented,

  • Use a block to sit on.
  • Use a couple or more books to rest your head, if you are not yet touching the floor. Give yourself time. 😉
  • Bend the elbows for soften and relax the shoulders.

©Free Move Yoga;  If you want to use part or an integral version of the content in this page, make sure you cite the correct source: Costa, Paula in “Blossom from within”, Thank you!


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