October 30

Decadent salad

Paula Costa

I haven’t written any post since Summer. I’ve been focusing on setting upΒ  this website for you. I feel so excited! It’s almost done…

Today I wanted to share a delicious salad I’ve made some days ago. This is a yummy salad for a beautiful Summer day. Although Summer is over, here in Saudi is still warm and one of these before lunch feels like Heaven…

Here are the ingredients:


Rocket ( you can use also spinach),

1/4 avocado, pineapple,




Dressing: 1 spoon of tahini; juice of half lemon, 3 spoon of water and sea salt.

I used tahini and lemon dressing, but after tasting it I thought it would also go well with apple juice and olive oil dressing.You can try both versions. πŸ™‚






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