July 11

Has your heart been brave enough?


How many times were you afraid  to put yourself out there? To actually be brave to create something and ​feel careless about what others would be thinking of you?

That’s hard I know...

Facing the fact that you can be criticized and be put off or feeling not ​​good enough, it’s ​​​overwhelming. And most of us hold ourselves back because of those fears - myself included.

However, as you walk through life, you lose ​many chances to BE yourself, to create and ​contribute because of this limiting attitude.

Do you know that the greatest artists make many mistakes before they reach a piece of art? Do you know that they are known for their great work, but all the rubbishy and mistakes they did nobody remembers?

I've experienced this myself. I love painting and have done a few paintings ​over the last 10 years. I can say they are quite good for someone that is ​mostly self-taught. But one thing I can assure you of, from all of them there was not on​e that wasn't ugly, messy and less than presentable while in the process of becoming what they are today.

The truth is, for you to do something great you need to make plenty of mistakes and mess it up quite a bit. ​

Think about the 'magic cube'. How many times its needs to be messed up before you get each of all 6 sides sorted ​with one single color? ​

​Your mistakes are like annoying ​pebbles on your path. Some bigger than others. You have to come across a few before you reach your destiny. Have you seen any road without ​stones?

If you st​umble on the first ​stone and stop there -because ​it feels tough- and don’t keep moving forward, you'll never get to ​stumble upon ​all the other stones ahead and never get where you want to arrive - your piece of art.

​Think about mistakes as a Process - to success - rather than a an isolated, unfortunate ​occurrence​.

​In life, you need to be brave.​ Especially brave in your heart because it’s all about you, and nobody can do it for you. It requires a lot of courage but also kindness towards yourself. It’s a balance between both.

​The next time you ​​trip over ​ remember: 'You are one mistake closer to your dream. '

I would like to invite you to a beautiful Yoga practice I've created ​​ to help you ​building a  Brave Heart​. If you need to feel a little braver  this practice is for you.​

I hope this helps you and blesses you on the path to your dreams.

​Blog cover Photo by Matheus Frade on Unsplash


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