June 9

It is time to EVOLVE together


These new times call for WISDOM, for CALM and STRENGTH. They call for CREATIVITY. And being able to not look behind as much but forward.

We cannot measure ourselves by what we have been until now. We cannot even see or describe ourselves as before anymore.

These times call for a deep change. Don’t ignore the calling. A tree that doesn’t move with the wind can break much more easily. Be flexible.

These times call for you to re-invent yourself. To let go of assumptions and preconceived ideas about yourself and the world. 

This time is calling us to die and reborn again. Don’t be afraid. You are not alone.  We can do this. TOGETHER. 

Don’t hold your self onto the past. Re-create yourself and EVOLVE

What you do today will transform your tomorrow

Allow that metamorphose to happen. Do not resist. 

JUNE’s theme for our Yoga and BodyJoy sessions is ‘EVOLVE’.

Through our practice, we will dive into an inner journey. 

Our QUEST is to find ways to tune in with our POWER to re-create ourselves. 

We want to creatively evolve, so we can THRIVE into a new reality that is before us. 

Sending you loads of Looooove,


PS- Last week we officially launched our PRIVATE GROUP with ONLINE SESSIONS. We are practicing together 2-4 times a week.


You are still on time to JOIN if you haven’t yet. Hit the button bellow this page and join the Joy Tribe. And I’ll let you know all about it.️


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