October 11

Mountain Pose


This is the base pose for all the other standing Yoga poses.

Physical aspects:

– Feet together, big toes touching, toes spread apart.

-Body’s weight distributed evenly – 4 corners (2 on ball, 2 on heel), grounding equally.

– Front thigh and knee in line with 2nd and 3d toes.

– Bend the knees and “scoop the tailbone”- engaging the pelvic floor and low abdominals, then re-center legs and lock the knees.

-Shoulders neutral and relaxed.

– As you inhale, the ribcage opens in all directions, expanding the heart and lengthening the spine.

-Arms along the torso, elbows locked, palms facing thighs.

-Hands active, spread fingers apart.

– Chin parallel to the floor, back neck is long and relaxed.

-Spine is long and relaxed, extended from pelvic floor to the top of the head.

Notes: I-magine a line at top of hips (like the horizon), the upper body lifts, the lower body grounds.

-Like in every yoga pose, first find your center, set the foundation (find balance, feel secure in the pose), then activate the core (use your core to hold the pose) and then lengthen to express yourself!

-Try the Mountain pose against a wall, it’s a great help to adjust yourself when you don’t have the teacher with you. Also, try it laying down with arms parallel over head.


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