May 8

One day at a time…


Our dear baby Gabriel is now three months old. These past months have been a different journey. I had to adjust to my life as a mother of a new born baby. It has been a wonderful, beautiful and sacred experience but not always the easiest one. I am going to tell you a little about it.

One of the things that was challenging for me during this period was getting started with the breastfeeding. I thought that having breastfed my son, Tomas for a long period made an expert… No way! This time was almost like starting it all over again. I felt like a beginner.

Breastfeeding is a special task that many times we take it for granted. We believe that is something that will happen naturally. But for many of us (including me) breastfeeding took hard work, patience, faith, some tears and lots of prayer. I also had help of two friends one is a doula and other a breastfeeding consultant. Two angels in my life!

Once things settle breastfeeding becomes one of the most beautiful, nuturing and rewarding things in a woman’s life. That is how it felt for me with my first son and how it is feeling now.

During this period I had a mantra that I’ve been repeating all the time and that makes my life easier. I want to share it with you: “One day at a time”. Thinking this way, has allowed me to be detached from the future and be focused only in the present moment.

As in our Yoga practice we need to be detached of the final goal and focus only in the moment: observing and feeling each pose, each movement and each breath… Try to apply this mantra when you are on and off the mat!;)

I am so grateful and thankful to have you in my life. I miss you all!

Love & Light,



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