February 4

Opening the heart to yourself


It’s February, month of the heart. We have S. Valentine’s day and during this month people focus on love, gifts and relationship with others. This is a good month! 🙂

And how about the relationship with ourselves? “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire Universe deserves your love and affection.” (Budha).

If we want a deep, intimate connection with others, firstly we need to connect with ourselves, that is what Yoga is all about. Knowing yourself first, being aware of whom you are so you can expand and share it with the world.



During February Free Move Yoga® classes will focus on heart and hip openers. You will learn a new breathing technique that brings you into balance, helps you to focus and gets you deeper within.

Do you remember the Free Move Salutations? We will also get back to it as it is a good warm-up and it’s great to release tension and “opening the heart”. Then we will gently flow through some stretches, as your heart opens and your hips unwind. As always, we will end up class with a powerful tool of relaxation, Yoganidra.

During this month, I encourage you to feel your practice with your heart, not with your mind. Commit yourself to feeling with your body and heart and listen to your intuition, rather than making decisions only with your mind. Note how different you feel when you use this approach.

For those of you who would like to go deeper into your practice and learn some more, I will hold a 2-hours workshop with the theme “Opening the heart to yourself”, during the last week of February . I will give you more information soon.

Have a lovely Yoga month.

I wish that Free Move Yoga® brings more joy, wisdom and fun to your life. 🙂




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