Free Move Yoga represents my own personal and unique approach to teaching yoga. My perspective on Yoga is based on my experience practicing Hatha Yoga for 16 years and classical and contemporary dance – in a recent past.

I believe each pose should be brought from a place of integrity and Self-love, always respecting and reaching for a deeper understanding of our own bodies and ourselves.

Only when we acknowledge and respect our limits are we are able to better respect others and share more love with the world as a unique expression of ourselves.

Yoga is not about doing that ‘perfect’ pose you’ve seen in a magazine. Yoga is about knowing yourself and accepting your ‘imperfections’ – on and off the mat – as a valuable uniqueness that creates a singular value in the world.

Each pose offers the freedom of adjusting it to your own physical conditions.

As you practice your everyday Sadhana, you work towards the best version of yourself. Be willing to do the work. But also know when to slow down and breathe into the difficulties.

It’s a balance between your willingness to achieve and respecting yours -and others- limits.

The key words that define Free Move Yoga® are:

Freedom: freedom of body and mind

Natural movement: awareness of the body and what it is natural for the body

Transformation: transformation and personal evolution

Center: self-awareness and self-confidence

Dance: dance of life, flow, self-expression


At a Free Move Yoga class you will practice pranayama (breathing techniques), and flow through a creative sequence of yoga postures – allowing you to burn calories, build core strength, and enhance flexibility. At the end of the session, you are guided through a deep relaxation session or Yoganidra.

Free Move Yoga will provide you with a deeper sense of yourself and your connection with the world around you.