May 21

Sometimes in life you need to move back… if you want to move forward


As last month I have paused morning yoga sessions, I am not sure yet for how long, I certainly missed all of you for a while.

I have received thoughtful messages asking me not to pause the classes. I will probably continue to do it later on in the year. This doesn’t mean I don’t care. Actually, it is the opposite, because I care so much about you, I too, need to reconnect with myself.


There are times in life that we need to say “No”, “No” with a smile. It is not easy to say “No”, especially if it is a decision that you are not completely sure of.

However, at this moment there is something that tells me that is exactly what needs to be done. I need to reorganize my life, reconsider my goals and plan my life towards them.

I care about my happiness and my truthfulness with myself. That is Satya, the second yoga Yama, which means truthfulness towards you and towards others (human beings and nature).

If I teach, whatever it is, I want to inspire all my students. That is what a teacher should do: inspire souls to create a better world.


I feel that if I don’t live this truth myself, I have nothing left to give back to you!


As each time I walk into the class, I am there representing Shiva, the first yoga teacher, the Creator of Yoga. This is a big responsibility.  I’d like to feel assured that every single one of you will leave at the end of my class with an inspiration of the heart. That is feeling happier, more centered within yourself and with your own truth, believing in yourself.

Sometimes in life we need to move back if we want to move forward. And that is what I am doing now. I love and respect every single of you so much, that I want to be sure I bring to you the best content in my teaching. However, for that I need to practice it first in my own life. 🙂

Your exercise:  For a couple of minutes close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathe softly through the nose. When you feel relaxed ask yourself: What can I drop off in my life to create time and space to do and live the experiences I want to?

With the birth of summer may this season bring forth the usefulness of creating time and space for new and meaningful experiences, especial for yourself. And remember when you practice Satya, the Universe opens its Heart for you. 😉



PS- If you want to move forward in your life,  you need to committee with yourself. Start by creating time and space for your yoga practice. Classes schedule are as usual:  Monday & Wednesday @ 6.30 p.m.


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