March 21

Tips for a safe Yoga practice


paula-7Protect the body: Yoga asanas should always be comfortable and never cause pain.

Spine alignment: top of the head in line with the pelvic floor in almost all yoga poses (find the exceptions!)

Attention on your articulations (knees, wrists, elbows and ankles); You will need healthy knees all your life. Every time you need to place the knees on the floor, fold the mat or use a folded blanket under them. If you have sensitive wrists modify the pose every time you practice arms strength…. (Plake pose=> Dolphin, hands like a fist or hold a rolled mat).

Breath: Breath through the nostrils, smoothly and using the most of your lungs capacity. Breathe in when you move up breathe out when you moving down. When you are doing core work, use the core muscles on the exhalation.

Start by the easy version – Start always by doing the suka (easy) variation of the pose, in total relaxation. Progressively follow with more intense variations. Go just as far as you comfortably can.

Focus attention – Focus attention on the part of the body that is being requested by the asana. Be aware of your breathing, emotions and thoughts while you hold the asana. Be aware of your physical body. Stay connected with your Being. Remember “sensation is information”.

Empty stomach– make sure your last meal was at least 2 hours before practice. Never practice with full stomach. The energy of your body is being directed to the digestion process, so it won’t leave much energy for your practice. You will find the class harder this way and you may also feel sick.

Be your best teacher – Don’t worry if your pose doesn’t look like the picture you saw on that amazing yoga book. Your body is unique, and so are you! Follow teacher’s instructions carefully, step by step. But listen always to your body and decide what is best for you.

Create a habit – Practice every day, even if it is for a few minutes. The body and the mind will get use to it and everything will get easier. Get addicted to your practice and you will want to do it for the rest of your life!

Note: If you want to use part or an integral version of the content in this page, make sure you cite the correct source: Costa, Paula in “Tips for a safe Yoga practice”, Thank you!


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