November 30

Transformation is happening


Wherever you go bring JOY.

Wherever you go bring LOVE.


Stay in Peace.

Keep peace in your heart.

Spread that Peace, that Joy,

Wherever you go…


Light is within You. Love is within You. Shine.


Little leafs of Joy.


Inside your heart, the sea is calm .

Stay still. Body and mind.

Believe. Believe. Believe.


Follow that direction.

Little by little your life is transforming.

It will be even better than you have dreamed.

Follow. Follow. Follow.

That little voice in your heart.

One moment at a time.


Your finger tips spread Love everywhere you touch.

Your heart spreads Wisdom.

Your eyes offer Hope.


Transformation is happening.

Don’t rush. Give it time.

Appreciate Life. In Joy.




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