October 11

What is Yoga for you?


This summer I got my Yoga Teacher Training Certification, after two long years… :))

The first question on my theory test was “What is yoga for you?”. I would like to hear from you what do you think. What is Yoga for you? Send it to me by e-mail. The best answer will get a free Yoga class.

Next month newsletter I will publish the best answer as well my own!


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  • Yoga for me is finding that my body can move in ways that make me feel good for myself and good all over. This is very important for me! I especially feel that i relax more and because i have a chronic situation with Asthma, i feel that it helps this condition by being able to breath better and not needing my meds as much!


  • I am a person always in thoughts… about my family, friends, life, daily matters as well as concerns of our world… When I arrive at Yoga lesson, I lay down and try to relax, but I cannot let go my thoughts. Even when the lesson has started, I find my thoughts drifting away… However, after a short while I will be concentrated only on the different poses and exercises. It is such a good feeling if my head becomes free and clear and I feel how my tensions are loosing. With every yoga lesson I also do feel just a little bit stronger, more flexible, self-confident and… happier. I go home and there is only one thought in my head: I have done something really good for myself. Anne


  • Yoga for me is like a journey, a journey of improved health and self discovery. Somewhere I can be in total peace with my body and mind.
    It makes me appreciate each day and just how precious they are…


  • yoga for me is learning how to grow in the right direction…understanding my body…my thougts…my emotions…my hapiness and grattitud…and keap on learning every day!


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