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​Movement​​ for Health & Flexibility


​in Al khobar, Saudi Arabia

​@Zamil Village compound

every Monday & Wednesday from 6. 30 to 7.45 pm.

These classes are suitable for all levels. Beginners are welcome.


Through attending Paula's yoga sessions I have learned to accept myself and my limitations but also how to dream and to never give up.

These classes challenge my physical being while feeding my heart and soul, through Paula's gentle encouragement and guidance.

I have found that my happiness is linked to peace of mind and tranquility of spirit, and this is what I take with me from each and every practice with a sprinkling of love and humor. I am truly blessed and thank God for her presence on my journey called Life.

Cathy Murphy

These classes make me feel elevated, peaceful, healthy, strong, and calm.

Paula is the perfect example of a yoga master. She makes the class so special: her attitude, tone of voice, character, inspiration, positive energy, and passion are perfectly matching yoga.

I've joined yoga as a supportive sport to my Mixed Martial Arts practice, as way to improve my balance and flexibility. But the changes I have experienced are way more than just physical. I believe I became more calm, harmonic, confident, peaceful, and positive. I'm so thankful for her awesome inspiration!

Ali kassas

Paula's yoga classes has challenged me to dig deep within myself and keep an open mind.

What is special about these classes is the fact that Paula always empower us to get to a place of independence in our own practice.

Yoga has transformed my life in a way that helps me pause a lot more and think about my actions before and after. It teaches me to be kind to myself and others.

Caroline Brackmann

Yes, I want to get stronger, healthier and fit.

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