Discover ​a transformative way to move your body.... 

Free Move Yoga

​Move, Breathe, Shine!

Free Move Yoga is ​Paula's personal perspective on Yoga, after 20 year of practice and ​more than a decade teaching ​students from all over the world with different backgrounds, cultures and body structures.

​​Her ​singular ​approach to Yoga and Movement​ ​is based on the fact that ​ ​each individual's body is unique, and for that reason there is no 'perfect pose' to achieve. 

Yoga is a tool for self-exploration, where you can attentively observe your body, mind and emotions and learn how these are deeply related.

​It should be practiced in a relaxed and curious way, with a child-like attitude.


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​It's all about YOU!

Check what others have experienced

​I've joined ​these classes as a supportive sport to my Mixed Martial Arts practice, as way to improve my balance and flexibility. But the changes I have experienced are way more than just physical.

I believe I became more calm, harmonic, confident, peaceful, and positive. ​

​Ali Kassas

Lebanon, Marketing expert

​These classes challenge my physical being while feeding my heart and soul.

I have learned to accept myself and my limitations but also how to dream and to never give up.

​Cathy Murphy

​Ireland, Head Nurse

​Paula always empower us to get to a place of independence in our own practice.

It has help​ed me to pause a lot more and think about my actions before and after.  It has taught me to be kind to myself and others.

​Caroline ​Christabell

USA, Teacher