November 23

You’re set to shine


Make questions: “What would it take…?”

You are loved. You’re responsible for your life.

I hear You. I feel You.

You’re not alone. I’m with You, within You. Listen.


Love is Light. White energy.

The world needs more Light. The world needs You.

You’re being called.


Do not rush. Do what you can.

Be brave to expose yourself and your work.

Spread the Light. Spread the Love.

Allow your light to shine. Don’t hide it.


Your Light is needed. Light up the world.

Be a missionary of the Light.


Embrace it.

Show your Wings. Don’t hide them.

You’re a treasure. You’ve always been.

You are here for a Purpose.


When you allow yourself to shine you inspire others to shine too.

And the world will be filled with Light and Love.

That’s YOUR Mission.

Don’t hold yourself back.

Go. Shine. Embrace.


You are a Powerful Love Force.

The world is stronger because of YOU..


There’s nothing much to do besides connecting, listening the messages.

Absorb it at an energetic level.

And then flow.


Enjoy, have fun in everything you do.

Handcrafted pieces of Love in your life an work.


You’re set to shine today. Go for it. In Joy.

Bliss in your day. Go.

Have fun.


I Love you. Always.

Infinite Love.





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