March 30

Have you been delaying your Life?


Say what you mean, do what you love to do and have fun with those you Love

I’m writing from Portugal- my home country – right now. I don’t usually travel back home during this time of the year, but this time was different.

My mum is going through an emotionally hard time, has her husband is very sick in the hospital. I’ve been praying everyday. For him. For her. For my family.

I also pray for my students and everyone that reads my words. When I pray I ask for protection and send blessings and ask that the other person has all that she needs regarding her health, time, money and support to fulfill her dreams.

During this period I’m realising how sensitive Life is. In a second everything can change. And I have learned a couple of important things that I would like to share with you.

1.Life isn’t short. Life is extremely fragile, but not short. If you take the courage to be yourself ( your True, Real self): saying what you mean, doing what you love to do and taking the time to spend and have fun with those you Love – you can’t miss these. Otherwise, yes, life will be too short.

2.It takes bravery to live life. Moving forward when things get hard, facing the fear and taking action, no matter the chattering in your head. This  is a Big one for me.

Once I realized this, I took action regarding something I was putting aside for some time. I finally announced that I’ll be hosting Women’s Circles in the near future. I had been feeling a big call to start doing this, but fe*ar was holding me back. Once I did it, I felt free, empowered and full of energy.

That’s how it works:

You face the fear. You do it anyway. You feel free and empowered.

Even more exciting, my first Women’s Circle will happen next Saturday here in Portugal with an amazing group of women. I’m so happy!

3. You will always feel resistance- or find obstacles-  when what you are doing is really important and it is meant to be. Even right now, while I’m writing this, my kids are constantly interrupting me. But I really want to do it and that won’t stop me. 😉

These are my biggest lessons from this period of my life. The most important of all this is that I’m taking the courage – with love and faith- to move forward, listening my heart and follow through with action.

My first women’s circle will happen this weekend and that is amazing! I can’t wait to share my experience with you next week.

Now I would love to hear from You. Is there anything you’ve been delaying in your life? Are you ready to take action?

Leave me a comment. You know how I love to hear from you.

Sending you infinite Love and Light.



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  • I wish all the best for every member of your family and each loved one. It’s so beautiful that you share these important moments in your life with others.

    I have been delaying parts of my life, fear of the un-known, and contentment with what is femiliar to me are what freezes that part of me in time, but i will find the leo within me and overcome it one day. Till that time, i will enjoy the glimpses of the dream through the windows i create for myself every now and then.

    Love and warmest hugs from ksa….


    • Dalia, You are an amazing woman. You know how much I love You. You are braver than you think. You don’t need to face the ‘big Dream’ all at once. Sometimes it only takes one little step everyday. And yes, keep those windows open! ;-)xxx


  • Thank you Paula for the amazing words, hope he will get better soon. I look forward to take a class with you, i always dont get the chance to do but hopefully very soon.


  • Hello Paula sweetheart. I read your message today and as always you choose the perfect words to inspire me. In fact, I delayed something and you reminded me today. Since long time I wanted to thank you for teaching me the yoga movements and relaxing techniques. I attended the last classes with you in 2013, than I had to leave Saudi Arabia. Maybe you can remember that me and my husband were trying for many years for a baby and I had to face several disappointments till I almost lost hope of being ever a mum. With a lot of medical support I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in 2013. It was a long way till there and yoga and meditation helped me to overcome the long stay at the hospital. We became a happy family. Even now my days are fully scheduled as a mom but I do each evening a 20 minutes yoga exercise with the movements you had shown me once. Thanks dear for the good impact on me. It is truelly life changing. With Love, Nadine


    • Nadine, you don’t know how inspiring for me is to read your words. It’s such an honor to inspire you.God bless You! I’m so happy that you are a Mom. You must be one of the best.I’m sure.You are such an amazing and beautiful woman. I remember you many times ( especially when I use the scarf you gave me ;-). You’re always in my heart.xx


  • I hope everything works fine your mom and her husband! I cannot agree more with what you wrote. By being true to ourselves, we will be able to face our fears and enjoy our lives. Till some months ago I was delaying, actually I was hesitating and didn’t know how to re-approach my business website and networking. I overcome the fear by being true to myself and how I want to help the world. That’s why I resonate lots with what you wrote. Thank you!



    • Hi Zaria! Thank You so much for your comment. I’m so happy that you got on with your business. I adooore your intuitive fashion and clothes collage. Truly awesome!Keep it up. :-))x


  • Dear paula , all i can say is that life is beautiful with sense of pepole like you Im sending you back LOVE and Prayers of peace and protection for you and your beloved one


    • Thank You, beautiful Noora! May you and your beloved ones always be blessed with all the Love and support they need. :-)x


  • Hi Paula,
    Thanks for sharing your words of inspiration. I love your honesty and bravery in moving forward to do what your heart is calling you to experience. I am motivated and inspired by your love of life and your passion to live your life to the fullest.
    Wishing you many blessings, love and light!


    • Thank You, Caroline for commenting. Your words are so beautiful, like your Soul. I too get inspired by you: your smile, your joy and zest for life.Love You!x 🙂


  • Hi Paula I just saw your messages, you are such a wonderful women for all that you spreade and give. I’m really thankful to know you. My fears are now about facing the day for dicussing my Thesis… It is for septembre but all this Time long is too much. We are leaving KSA end of june and back home and It Will be hard for me to put all this experience behind (Life and people)
    See you soon


    • Dear Sonia, it was so warming reading your message! Thank You so much for taking the time to let me know your thoughts. 🙂
      I am true honored to have met You. I know this is a hard period for you, full of doubts, tensions and fears until the Big day arrives and you will discuss your thesis. The best way to take all that fear away is to prepare yourself, to study, do the work and get confident about it. Trust that a power higher than you You guided to do this PHD and the same Power is supporting you now to finish it. Sending you infinite Love and Light.


  • Wonderful insights, Paula. I especially liked the part about obstacles and the accomplishment of things that are really important to you. Sometimes it seems like a special undertaking can happy so easily, almost without effort. But other times there are obstacles in the way, like you said. I like the idea of seeing the obstacles as a reminder of how important my goals are to me. In that way they aren’t obstacles at all, but opportunities to learn about myself and my values.

    Thanks for all you do. I love your class!


    • Hi Michael! You said it so beautifully! Yes I truly believe that. When we are so in alignment with our truth we just know that that project or action is meant to be done. And everything that gets in the way are just opportunities to reinforce our values and intentions. Thank You for putting it even more clear. God bless You!


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