August 9



Have you ever met that kind of person to whom life is tough – you can feel their struggle-, but they always find a way to keep smiling and even empower you and encourage you?

When I was a child, I remember my mother’s best friend to be like this. She didn’t have an easy life. She had a lot of financial struggle, but behind her tears there was always a smile, a spark in her eyes.

She would always find a way to meet her needs for her family and even go the extra mile and achieve more. On the side she would always have the time to listen, to help and to encourage my mother.

These are the kind of people that really inspire me. I don’t know what it is, but there is something about them, maybe a little bit extra love, maybe they are a little bit less self-absorbed.

When you are by their side it always feels like everything is going to turn out ok.

They give you this extra boost – that you lack- to be brave, to just keep going and move forward.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to be this person in someone’s life?

Regardless of your struggles, be the one who keeps going even in the face of adversity. Be the one who gives a hand, a word of hope to those beside you.

Life is not easy. Everyone has good and less good days.

Deliver some extra love through your eyes, your words and your smile.

Life is richer when someone that is not having the best time still BELIEVES and finds a way to HELP others.



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