April 11

Should you follow your heart?


Nowadays, there is a common idea that suggests you to ‘follow your heart’ in everything you do and every decision you make. This is especially common in the so called spiritual communities and self-help books. Although this idea has appealed to me in the past, nowadays I see it with different eyes. There is something way more important you should do before following your heart and that is what I explain in the video beloow. Watch it now.


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  • I find your video blogs so wise and thoughtful, Paola. I love reflecting on them. Thank you. They ALMOST make up for missing your classes now we are in Italy, but not quite! Love and light, Ros


    • Oh Ros! This is honey to my hears. Coming from you it is really special as you are so wise and an amazing women with so much experience. Thank you, Rod. God bless you.


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