April 28

When there is nothing else you can do

​Whenever I  see myself in a new situation, I have this mindset that, most of the time, helps me go through it that I’m going to share with you.

I believe that no matter what happens, there is always an opportunity for growth. If you can’t do anything about it, you can learn to accept and let go. I know, from experience this is not easy. Especially, if you like to have it all well organised and under control.

However, most of the times there is always something you can do: help someone in need, change something in your environment or ​ change something ​about yourself.

During this lockdown, most of my students and friends were not doing any kind of exercise. Some complained about back pain, others gaining weight. So, I felt I needed to something that was in my hands. I decided to teach Yoga classes virtually and to make them available to whoever was in need. I’ve made the commitment to teach a Live class everyday.

It might not look like, but It’s a big commitment and I can only do this with the support of my family.

Some days I feel tired, other days I doubt if what I’m doing is worth it. Especially now that is Ramadan and many of my students are fasting and can’t do the class Live. I miss them and miss connecting wit them. Knowing they are there means a lot to me.

Nevertheless,  because I’ve made the commitment, I show up everyday. And this has been happening for almost 30 days in a row.

This has taught me Perseverance, Commitment and Hope.

Perseverance to keep showing up no matter what.

Commitment to keep the promises I make to myself and others.

Hope that I am helping someone on the way.

No matter what, our efforts always reach someone that needs them. And making the difference just in one person’s life it’s a huge thing for me.

If that person is You, know that that you are very special to me. Knowing you are there makes my day!

To make your life easier, I’ve prepared the links for the classes this coming week.

[Sunday] 26th April​ - Body Joy
[Monday] 27th April​- Free Move Yoga
[Tuesday] 28th April​ - Body Joy
[Wednesday] 29th April - Free Move Yoga
[Friday] 30th April​ - Body Joy

You just need to click on the link on that day and I’ll be there to bring you some delicious moments flowing and stretching with you on the mat in the comfort of your home.

{After the Live class is finished you still have the link available.}

Love form my heart to yours.


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