June 18

Your thoughts and feelings will define your future

Do you know that the thoughts and feelings you are having today will define your actions and these actions will define your future and the future of those around you?

Think about this…

With all that is happening right now, your thoughts and feeling are probably not the best. And, if you let them, they will take charge of your actions.

Wouldn’t it be better to reverse engineer? First, ask yourself: what kind of person do I want to be? Define yourself in 3 words.

Mine are: caringtrustfulknowledgeable. And now choose to think that way. I focus on having caring thoughts and this leads me to more honest actions and engaging in studying and learning, so I can better help.

How does that make me feel? Amazing! So much like myself. A fish in the water. Great.

Try it yourself.

No matter the turmoil happening outside you still have the power to choose how you show up in this world.

Your attitude, the way you respond to the challenges matters. Let it come from a place of truth inside of You.


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